Welcome to a land where nature and humanity live in perfect harmony.

A land you will fall in love with at first sight, because very few remain unmoved by its beauty, authenticity, wildness, and at the same time its warmth and endless expanse.

Before you see it first hand, we will talk you through the most beautiful parts of Montenegro.


What is the place that always welcomes you with open arms? Nature! Where we are free and full of life! Nature’s embrace heals us and restores the strength we so need. A return to nature is a return to oneself, one’s roots, a simple way of life, forgotten tastes and smells. Discover a land where you will feel a part of nature at every step! Explore the steep-sided mountains, clear lakes, and sunny beaches! Discover the wild beauty of Montenegro!


When nature shows us its might, we understand how small we are, regardless of how rich, successful, or powerful we are. When nature “gets angry”, we then understand just how valuable it is. Nature can be our friend as long as we respect it, love it, and look after it. Its power is also great when it should protect, comfort, and heal us. For this reason, spend some time alone with it and consider how everything in nature is in its right place. Walk through virgin forest, cruise over a carpet of waterlilies, float down river rapids, climb up to the highest mountaintops, explore caves, and do not forget to make a wish in the Lake of Luck!


Every part of Montenegro has its own unique culinary specialities. Thus, in the south you will be served Boka stew, Kotor cream cake, and the most delicious olives. If you head towards Cetinje, Njeguši prosciutto and cheese in oil from Lovćen will be waiting for you to try them. In the mountains there are melted kačamak and cicvara… At every step you can try a glass of good wine, juice from freshly picked homegrown fruit, or fruit brandies!


Montenegro is a land of differences which go together perfectly. It will be clear to you that people of various faiths and cultures live in Montenegro when you see in the same town Orthodox monasteries, Catholic cathedrals, and minarets. Harmony and belonging are a particular mark of this area. Ostrog Monastery in Danilovgrad, St Tryphon’s Cathedral in Kotor, Hussein Pasha’s Mosque in Pljevlja, and numerous other buildings bear testimony to the fact that living side by side is possible.

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