Panoramic roads

Do you want to get to know the wild beauty of Montenegro, but don’t have time to explore all the peaks, canyons, viewpoints, lakes, and waterfalls? The panoramic roads are the perfect choice for you! These five fantastic roads cram in all the natural and cultural attractions into one story, so you can be sure not to miss a thing. Choose your route and give in to nature!

Circle around Korita

Leave Podgorica, through the mountain cosmos at the border with Albania towards the Kuči region, all the way to the Cijevna Canyon. Sixty-five kilometres of enjoyment of unbelievable viewpoints, authentic villages, interesting historical stories, heavenly food and of course nature, awaits you. You’ll be thrilled with the Museum of Marko Miljanić, where you can rent an audio guide and learn more about how Montenegrins lived 200 years ago, but one of the most attractive moments of this route is walking to the “Falcon’s Throat” viewpoint.

The Circuit around Korita - map
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Circuit around Korita - kmz

Ring around Durmitor

A ring is a ring, and wherever you start, you will end up in the same place. But it will no longer be the same. You will personally get to know the “director”, as poets called the mountain Durmitor, you will fall in love with the untouched nature and one particular village! Mala Crna Gora (Little Montenegro) is a land island where life carries on the same way as it did 100 years ago. Besides Durmitor National Park, which is under UNESCO protection, on this 76-km-long tour you will also become familiar with the unique beauty of the Piva Nature Reserve. Set off from Žabljak and you can use the audio guide which will help you with navigation.

Durmitor ring - map
Durmitor ring - gpx

Between Two Magical Shores

What were once one but are now separated by the city of Bar? The answer is – the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar! Between these two bodies of water lies the remarkable hinterland of Bar. Stroll through olive groves, vineyards, go round rustic villages such as Godinje, visit monasteries and seven breath-taking viewpoints. The locals begin this 115-km-long route in Tuđemili where their forefathers defeated the might of Byzantium way back in 1042.

Between Two Magical Shores - map

The Crown of Montenegro

This panoramic road, more than 800 km long, starts in Podgorica and, going through the valleys of the River Zeta and of Nikšić, arrives at an idyllic town on the shore of Lake Piva – Plužine. After you have gone round the “Durmitor Ring” and taken a picture by Lake Vražje, there await you some of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro: the Nevidio Canyon, Biogradska gora, Đurđevića Tara Bridge... The Crown of Montenegro, the panoramic road named after the high mountains, finishes in Rožaje and this is a real treat for adventurers.

The Crown of Montenegro - map
The Crown of Montenegro - gpx

The Sea and the Heights

Everyone’s a little bit in love with the magnificent fjord – the Boka Kotorska. If you, too, experience love at first sight, you can see it better via the panoramic road “The Sea and the Heights”, from all angles. It starts from the sea, more precisely from Herceg Novi, and all along the way to Kotor there are photogenic places, such as Risan and Perast, lined up one after the other. Then you climb up Mt. Lovćen, and see the Boka from an altitude of 1,657 m. But it’s to no avail, you are still in love; that’s why it’s called “the Bride of the Adriatic”. The road continues along the attractive Budva Riviera and finishes on the shore of Lake Skadar.

Sea and Heights - map
Sea and Heights - gpx

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