Wild beauty – relax

If you associate wild nature more with meditation than with adventure, we have great news for you! In Montenegro you can relax in more peaceful ways, and nature will bring you serenity and satisfaction. That’s what friends are for, wouldn’t you say?


A wonderful way to befriend nature is by mastering the challenge of surviving in it. This is what bushcraft teaches us – how to cope and survive in the wilderness. Of course, this doesn’t need to be so extreme. It is sufficient to organise a trip into nature, pick mushrooms and medicinal herbs, light a campfire and chat with shepherds while something delicious is roasting under clear skies.

Yoga in nature

Yoga in the pure air is a tested way to clear our minds and free ourselves from the stress we are exposed to. You can also practise it on the beach, lakeside, island, or one of the mountain peaks. There are also yoga camps here, such as the one on the bank of the River Tara.

Rediscovering your balance in nature

Sometimes mere contact with nature is enough to heal ourselves of the complaints of the modern way of life, but often advice from experts is also welcome. Why can’t we have both? In Montenegro there are active workshops in nature led by trained therapists and a mountaineering guide. By means of easy walking tours and conversation they will remind you how to find your true balance.

Donkey farm

Even Lonely Planet has written about the donkey farm close to Danilovgrad. This is not a tourist attraction, it is pure love! Even though it offers accommodation and welcomes visitors, the farm was founded to protect donkeys from dying out in this area. These threatened animals now have the life they deserve – running around free, listening to music, and enjoying attention from visitors who bring them presents of carrots. In return, their medicinal donkey’s milk finds its way to children who need it. When you set out for this farm don’t forget to bring at least one carrot, as an entrance ticket.

Camping and glamping

If camping is your way of enjoying yourself in nature, the beauty of locations available for this type of activity in Montenegro will delight you! There are sites from the Boka Kotorska Bay to the northernmost parts of the country, and the most famous are the caravan and camping sites in the Boka, the Large Beach, Utjeha, Plav and Plužine. You can also sample glamping in Montenegro. The locations are by Lake Piva and in the vicinity of Lake Skadar, and the experiences are fantastic.


Camping guide

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