They say that Montenegro is a land of bare rock. In this bare rock nature sought its peace millions of years ago and thus left behind a multitude of strange cave attractions which awaken the explorer’s spirit in everyone.

Blue Cave

There is a sea cave hidden on the Luštica Peninsula, close to Herceg Novi. It got its unique name because its water, lit by the sun, is turquoise blue, and on its walls all the hues of summer are crushed together. Swimming in it is an unrivalled experience.

Lipa Cave

Nature has been creating this remarkable cave close to Cetinje for six million years. It was discovered 200 years ago, and today because of its numerous halls, corridors and cave ornaments it is an unmissable tourist attraction, ideal also for family trips.

Đalovića Cave

Near Bijelo Polje, Montenegro hides a cave which many consider to be the most beautiful and largest in Europe. It is still not completely explored, but the speleological value of its passages and lakes is considered to be enormous. Only the most experienced cavers conquer it.

Ice Cave

You can see everything in the exceptionally beautiful Montenegro, even an icy cavern. It is located in Durmitor and its water is icy even in the middle of summer. Hence ice figures are created in it which can reach the height of a person. Impressive, isn’t it?

Polimlje Caves

Near Berane a real archaeological treasure is hidden. In the area of Polimlje archaeologists discovered Tumba City which appeared in 4,500 BC. Ceramic objects and numerous other remains that have been found will make this place an eternal mystery.

Town Cave and Torine

In the vicinity of Petnjica there is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Montenegro – the Torine locality, in the Radmanska Gorge, with a famous walled cave. Torine is the most valuable and richest site from the later Bronze Age–Copper Age. Here archaeologists found a female figurine 5,000 years old. At a depth of only half a metre a Bronze-Age house was also found. These and the other objects found are kept in the Polimlje Museum in Berane.

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