National Parks

Montenegro has Five national parks. Each of them is a whole world and story of its own. Here you can still find untouched nature and people who live in harmony with it. Let’s get to know it!

Lake Skadar National Park

When you go towards the sea from Podgorica Airport, you will find unexpectedly beautiful scenery. An expanse of turquoise water, covered with a carpet of waterlilies, interrupted by numerous islands… Welcome to the heart of Montenegro – Lake Skadar National Park! 222 km² of this remarkable ecosystem has been protected since 1983, and it has been on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance since 1995. Picturesque fishing villages such as Karuč, Dodoši, and Rijeka Crnojevića, sandy beaches, monasteries, and viewpoints are part of the panoramic routes “The Sea and the Heights” and “Between Two Magical Coasts”. For lovers of flora and fauna, this park is a true ornithological paradise because the lake is home to around 280 species of birds, which makes it one of the largest bird habitats in the world. Get involved in watching birds such as the Curly Pelican, and after visiting the lake try the local specialities – carp and bleak, with a glass of homemade wine.

Lovćen National Park

Here you can find one of the top-10 places you have to visit while you are in Montenegro – Njegoš’s mausoleum. This monument, to which you have to climb up 461 steps, is at the same time the grave of the ruler, poet, and philosopher Petar II Petrović Njegoš. You can also visit the birthplace of this great man, which is located in the village of Njeguši. After visiting Ivanova Korita, along the panoramic route “The Sea and the Heights”, descend to Kotor via the old switchbacks of the snaking road in the shape of the letter “M” and enjoy the view of the world down onto the Boka Kotorska. In Lovćen National Park, find your own dose of adventure within Lovćen Adventure Park, or try the zipline at Njeguši. We are sure that you will be very hungry at the end of the day, but don’t worry – these parts are well known for the top - quality, delicious Njeguši prosciutto and cheese.

Durmitor National Park

As you are getting closer to Žabljak, through gentle pastures, you will start to suspect that this is a special place. These 39,000 hectares of true, untouched beauty were declared a protected area in 1952, and is found on the UNESCO list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Besides the mountain giant Durmitor, the national park also covers the Tara, Draga, Sušica, and Komarnica Canyons, and Europe’s most recently explored canyon – Nevidio. They are known for the best rafting in this part of Europe. Here you will find as many as 48 peaks higher than 2,000 m above sea level, 18 cirque lakes and mystical medieval grave markers – standing stones. The highest peak, Bobotov Kuk, is still unscalable for many mountaineers, and those who have conquered it tell to everyone their true little heroic experiences. If you don’t want to climb the highest peak, try Via Ferrata. For those who want to get to know Durmitor, a real recommendation is to visit the panoramic road “Ring around Durmitor” - you will see why this national park is so special. And if you are an adventurer at heart and want to see everything from a bird’s view, then try paragliding - the view is unique!

Biogradska Gora National Park

The smallest national park is tucked into part of Mount Bjelasica, on the right side of the River Tara. It was once the king’s game reserve, which means that it has long enjoyed special treatment. Within the park is Lake Biograd, which formed when a glacier slid down Bjelasica, but of course the locals have their own version of the story. Here the forest nymphs gathered together and made the entire living world drunk. Thanks to their magic, in the heart of Europe a virgin forest appeared, one of only three remaining on the Old Continent. Coincidence? You can get to this virgin forest when you have discovered the panoramic road “The Crown of Montenegro”, and you can find a place to catch your breath during your walk in the katuns which will take you back to a totally different time...

Prokletije National Park

The Austrian geologist Ami Boué called Prokletije “the alps in the south of Europe” and that moniker has stuck to the present day. The 20 inaccessible peaks of more than 2,500 metres above sea level scare even experienced mountaineers. On the other hands, there is the endearing Lake Hrid, which just exudes calm. In its depths you will notice a lot of glistening jewellery which visitors have been throwing into the lake for years, in the belief that it will bring them luck. The youngest national park was declared a protected area in 2009, and encompasses the Municipalities of Plav and Gusinje. When you arrive in these parts, you will have the opportunity to pass through the panoramic road “The Crown of Montenegro”, but also to find out one more local story and legend about the kind hosts who have been living on the mountain and its katuns for decades.

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