Nature reserves

Piva Nature Reserve

Several decades ago the River Piva was turned into a lake. However, it is not only a river, and not only a lake. Welcome to Piva Nature Reserve – a Montenegrin treasure of impressive beauty! It covers an area of 32,500 hectares and includes the peaceful town of Plužine. Besides Lake Piva and the Komarnica Canyon, there is also the heart-shaped Lake Trnovac. Visit Soko Grad (Falcon City) – a fortification from the 14th century, Odmut Cave, the Monument Complex in Doli, and Piva Monastery, which is very important in these parts. Whoever comes to Piva desires to cross from one shore of the lake to the other, but via zipline. After this adrenaline treat, find rest and relaxation by exploring the panoramic route “Ring around Durmitor”, which is located nearby.

Orjen Nature Reserve

One of the most striking coastal mountains, the rocky Orjen, leaves very few people unmoved. It has always intrigued people with its wild beauty and rich historical heritage, and was declared a protected area in 2018. Stroll along unusual thematic trails, discover Secret Hill, take a look at the coastal katuns, listen to legends, and enjoy the amazing view over the Boka Kotorska. Orjen also has its own adventure park at Vrbanj which is adored by both young and old. These coastal mountain regions also have their own panoramic route “The Sea and the Heights”. For this reason paragliding from Dizdarica is on every tourist’s wish-list.

Zeta Nature Reserve

The Zeta is a river without which life in the central region of Montenegro would not be possible. At the end of 2019 it gained the status of nature reserve. Locations such as Tunjevo – a nature preserve with spring water and an attractive beach, Oboštica, Spuž, Spuž Bridge, and the Emperor’s Bridge have always been real oases to get away into nature. The panoramic road “The Crown of Montenegro” will take you to the Zeta, but it is best to experience these central parts of the country on a bicycle. At every step of the way you can take a breather on the river bank, and continue your way to the duke’s city of Danilovgrad or to Ostrog Monastery.

Komovi Nature Reserve

The Komovi Mountains, which impressively part the clouds in the south-east part of Montenegro, are considered a kingdom of green and healthy living. If you ask mountaineers, the Kom Mountains are also “more than a mountain – they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, both for poets and travel writers, and for those looking for peace, beauty, freedom, and relaxation”. Through the panoramic route “The Crown of Montenegro”, discover what makes these mountains special in this land of mountains!

Ulcinj Solana Nature Reserve

At the extreme south of Montenegro, within the panoramic route “The Sea and the Heights”, you will find pure exoticism – the largest salt pans in the Mediterranean, which are visited by globally threatened bird species, such as the Curly Pelican. A particular attraction to watch and photograph are the flocks of pink flamingos which are almost only found here. Ulcinj Solana covers an area of 14.5 km2 of salt pans, and in 2019 was granted the status of a Wetland of International Importance. That same year it was declared a nature reserve. And that’s not all. The highest number of tropical days in the whole of the former Yugoslavia is recorded here!

Dragišnica and Komarnica Nature Reserve

Situated in the mountain region of the Municipality of Šavnik, on the panoramic route “The Crown of Montenegro”, this reserve is graced by everything that a nature lover could want. Everything here is set in thick forests of black ash, fir, and beech, the rivers are rich in trout and grayling, and throughout the reserve you can pick as many as 65 recorded types of mushrooms. The best-known attraction is definitely the Nevidio Canyon, which graces this area with its wild character!

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