Thematic beaches

The Montenegrin coast is 293 km long. If you set out on a journey from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj you will find more than 117 beaches. From the tiny platforms which can be found right next to the road, indented undiscovered bays, concrete-covered beaches, to long sandy sea oases…

Ada Bojana

You will find out whether sun, salt and wind are enough for happiness when you go to Ada Bojana – an island in the embrace of river and sea. It is located 15 km from Ulcinj and is a magnet for true nature lovers. The Bojana is the only river in the world which sometimes also flows upstream, which explains this place’s strange energy. It is unimportant whether you sleep in a tent, camp, improvised cabin or fisherman’s dwelling, your breathing unnoticeably catches the rhythm of nature. Here the country’s largest nudist settlement is located. Whether you are a nudist or not, you will acknowledge that there is no better place to practise naturist principles than Ada Bojana.

Large Beach

All beaches in Montenegro are beautiful, but Ulcinj’s Large Beach is something else. They still call it “another dimension”. The fine sand, which cannot be found anywhere else on the Adriatic, is rich in minerals and very curative. On the largest beach on the Adriatic you can meditate, walk along the endless shallows, ride a horse, play volleyball on the sand, go kite surfing, watch meteorite showers and the prettiest sunset in the world.

Women’s Beach

Close to Ulcinj you can find the curative, rocky nudist beach which, it is believed, due to the concentration of hydrogen sulphide, has a positive effect on the female reproductive system. For this reason, this beach is visited solely by females who enjoy the shade of the pine forest and the mystique of a cave which makes it additionally intriguing.

Pet-friendly beaches

So, you cannot imagine a holiday without your pet? We have good news for you – there are bathing areas set up for your furry friends along the entire Montenegrin coast! Look for them in the area of the following beaches: Large Beach (Ulcinj), Topolica (Bar), Buljarica and Slovenska (Budva), Kukoljina (Tivat), Peluzica (Kotor), and the Pet Danica Promenade (Herceg Novi). Here there is everything you need for a pleasant stay with your pets – showers, food and drink bowls, as well as cleaning items.

Queen’s Beach, Čanj

Just as the name suggests, you can feel like a queen on this beach. It is located close to Bar, but you can only get to it by boat, and long ago it was once the favourite bay of Queen Marija Karađorđević. The fine reddish pebbles, crystal-clear water, and the noise of the waves… have your thoughts started to wander?

Sveti Nikola

The largest island in the southern Adriatic – Sveti Nikola – in Budva has found itself deserving of a place on the prestigious Forbes list of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. Numerous island coves are hidden here, which are linked with each other and can only be accessed from the sea. Complete privacy and pure wild beauty – it sounds tempting, doesn’t it?


If after the silence and wild nature you crave fun, but you don’t want to go far from Tivat, then head for Oblatno. Here everything is dedicated to the sea, good music, and the best beach parties. This is the sort of good time we all sometimes dream about.

Blatna Beach in Igalo

Blatna Beach, close to Herceg Novi, has made this town a health resort. On this sandy beach both locals and tourists can enjoy the spa and medicinal mud treatment absolutely free of charge. Research has found that rheumatism and other illnesses of the locomotor system can be successfully cured right here.


If you love hidden isolated beaches, visit Dobreč Cove on the Luštica Peninsula, which belongs to Herceg Novi. You can reach it only by boat, which itself sufficiently testifies to the unpolluted nature of the lush Mediterranean vegetation which surrounds it. For years the blue flag has flown over Dobreč Beach, distinguishing it as one of the world’s cleanest beaches.

One click to the beach

Are you looking for a beach you can “move” to? Decide quickly with the help of the offline mobile app Enjoy Montenegro Coast: Offline Guide. The app contains a clear offline map with information about your chosen bathing spot, marina, or protected area on the coast – all in two languages, Montenegrin and English. The app will calculate the distance from the user’s current location and then will plot the shortest route to your dreams. Enjoy!

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